Library robot

Is about a robotic system which receive requests from web users, search for books in a physic library, find this, go in front of book (which is on the shelve), extract this from shelve, find requested pages, scan this and send scanned pages to users which ask from this.

The problem which is solved is about offering access on-line, in real time via Internet, to content of a book or magazine which is in a library on a shelve.

We don't know an existing solution for commercial application which can serve hundred, thousands or more pages daily and nightly, which can use on existing library, from public to private and which have reasonable cost for implementation and for maintenance.

This is v.1. We have more versions can be based for a great international business which we have in our mind.

The presented photos of ROboLIB is illustrative. The real implementation can vary a lot depends of specific requirements of customers. From small and cheap till large, premium and deluxe edition.

Financial information

The ROboLIB can "populate" a big big lot of libraries over the world working 60x24x7x365, from


This mean millions possible implementations.
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